Types and applications of liquid silica gel.

2021/1/16 9:38:23

Liquid silicon or liquid silica gel (LSR) material injection molding, its application range is very wide. This material has a history of 30 years. Application cases such as: rain sensor or plug connector in the automotive field, optical pulse measurement or baby nipple in the medical technology field, etc.

Injection molding liquid silica gel (LSR) is a new type of organic silica gel material that is nontoxic and odorless, and has excellent weather resistance and chemical inertia. It is one of the high-grade organic silica gel products that has developed rapidly in recent years. This kind of silica gel has low viscosity (with certain fluidity and amorphous property before vulcanization), and can be fed by a metering mixing device, and the two components are mixed and injection molded by a special injection molding device, followed by rapid vulcanization to form a product.

Compared with the traditional materials, the liquid injection molding silica gel has many advantages, such as short molding cycle, high degree of automatic molding, low vulcanization temperature, no by-products in the vulcanization process, high precision of the generated products, no required edge, long service life of the products, etc. Becoming a popular substitute for synthetic rubber materials and high-end applications.

The special material properties of liquid silicon cure only through crosslinking. Interestingly, where conventional and thermoplastic synthetic rubber (TPE) reach their limit, LSR is always applied. LSR also has very good rebound properties, high heat resistance (partly over 180°C), low temperature flexibility (minimum of about-50 C), high electrical insulation properties, tensile and re-breaking strength, and is physiologically harmless. The property of these materials, that single dye and the ability to combine with various metals and plastics make the widespread use of liquid silicon popular. In addition to that increase number of material type, for example, in addition to the various shore hardness standard types, there are medical technology, oil resistance, thermal dialysis of oil, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, rapid crosslinking or adhesion modification types and type made of silicon fluoride.

From silica gel, silica gel raw materials, liquid silica gel raw materials product classification, application characteristics and points for attention to distinguish, there will be their own different, through continuous development research, silica gel in various fields of modern industry has begun to increasingly widely used, for example, medical, infant care, smart wear, automotive and aerospace and other fields. Familiar with silica gel raw materials, liquid silica gel raw materials application technology and the main application, help us deeper, more widely to find, research and exploration.

The advantage of silica gel has gradually been discovered, replacing many other materials in our daily life, which deserves our careful discovery and attention.

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