What kind of silica gel can make simulated skin?

2021/1/18 18:44:03

The artificial skin is made of human silica gel, which is also called human additive liquid silica gel and two-component additive silica gel. It consists of two parts: A component is silica gel and B component is curing agent; The two groups were stirred evenly according to the ratio of 1:1. Silica gel becomes a soft elastic material after vulcanization.

Characteristics of human silica gel for skin simulation; 

1. Silica gel has excellent electrical function and chemical stability.

 2. Under the temperature range of -65℃ to 400℃, it can be used for a long time and keep its soft and elastic function. 

3. The simulated skin silicone has passed SGS, ROSH, FDA and other certifications. 

4. Silica gel is easy to operate, food-grade environmental protection, nontoxic and tasteless, and soft to the touch. 

5. Silicone gel has changeable shape, no deformation, low shrinkage, aging resistance and tear resistance.

Use of simulated human silicone: 

It is used for making artificial skin, artificial limb, silicone chest pad, silicone breast, artificial organ, silicone doll, adult appliance, medical suture module, etc., and has a wide application field. Choose high-quality reliable manufacturers and important ones, with reliable operation and stable performance and quality.

Use of simulated human silica gel: 

Firstly, the A and B components are evenly stirred according to the ratio of 1:1, and then can be poured into the mold silicon after being vacuumized and defoamed. The operation time of the silica gel is determined by the temperature, and the room temperature vulcanization molding usually takes 3-4 hours; Heating to 80-120℃ can cure in ten minutes. If quick drying at room temperature is required, the operation time is less than 20 minutes and the vulcanization time is 1 hour.

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