What are the advantages of making liquid silicone mold?

2021/1/19 18:52:36

First of all, from the aspect of making mold silica gel, the raw material for making mold silica gel is liquid silica gel, which has good fluidity at first, which can make every stripe road of mold fill completely in the process of making mold, and make every stripe road on the mold completely copied in the later stage of mold turnover. The copied silica gel product has clear texture and no defects.

The finished silicone mold product is in a soft state, which is used for transportation and does not appear stiff and heavy. But also greatly improves the safety during operation. Because the silicone rubber of the mold is soft, it is convenient to demould the mold when producing products, which is not as troublesome as demoulding other metal molds, and sometimes it may damage the mold. Moreover, the silicone mold is affordable and low in cost, and it takes only one day and hundreds of materials to produce a silicone mold by yourself. Greatly save the cost of production and time.

Silica gel used for handicraft mold silica gel has good fluidity, simple operation, easy defoaming, easy demoulding and no mucous membrane phenomenon. Silica gel can be turned over thousands of times, with long service life, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance.

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