How to deal with the stains on the surface of silica gel products.

2021/1/21 19:02:55

After we buy and use silica gel products for a period of time, the silica gel products will become dirty, so it is necessary to deal with them when they are dirty. However, because silica gel products are not easy to clean with clear water, it is necessary to use some small skills to clean the silica gel products. So, how to deal with them?

1. First find a rag, then clean it with water, then wring the water out, then blow the rag to 8-9 minutes with a hair dryer, and then wipe the silicone products to be cleaned with a rag;

2. If there are stains or dust on the silica gel, you can brush it with a toothbrush+toothpaste. If there is oil stain, brush it with a toothbrush+detergent;

3. If there are some things that are difficult to clean on the silicone products, such as strong sticky stains such as glue, then you need to apply them with cotton swabs+wind oil, and then brush them with a toothbrush;

4. Wipe the product with a blow-dry rag, and then blow-dry it with a blower.

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