What are the applications of human silica gel?

2021/1/22 10:00:21

Human silica gel is an important part of the addition molding of two-component liquid silica gel, the ratio is 1:1 ratio of two components, because the general hardness of human silica gel in 0-10 degrees, close to the human skin feel, so it is called human silica gel. Human silica gel is widely used in artificial limbs, human skin masks, breast implants, chest pads, foot pads, waxworks, models, silicone dolls, robots and so on.

Silicone headgear and silicone mask are mostly used for film and television props, and many modern sci-fi movies will use film and television props, which are made of silicone with a hardness of about 5-10 degrees. If the hardness of silica gel is too soft, the mask is easy to break and not durable; However, the hardness of silica gel is too hard, which leads to poor hand feeling and poor elasticity and tensile strength. Therefore, the silicone head is made of human silicone with a hardness of 5-10, showing the best performance and feel.

The human silica gel can also be used as props for suture exercises, such as artificial limbs, suture exercise blocks, and 3-D suture exercise covers. Silica gel prosthetic limbs are mainly used for tattoo and injection practice, using the real lines on the arm to design good-looking patterns, but also used as a model for students to do injection practice. The suture exercise block is a suture exercise module used by students to make wounds or operation ports, and is widely used in many medical schools and nursing colleges across the country. 3D exercise skin is designed with a mold of human facial organs, such as eyes, nose and mouth, the main effect is as a female cosmetic exercise props, thickness of about 2-3 mm.

Finally, there are some more complex medical teaching props, which use the characteristics of human silica gel under 0 degree to make a simulated intestinal model for teaching display. According to the characteristics of different hardness of human silica gel, a simulation muscle block teaching model is made, and the 0-degree human silica gel is used, the silica gel is adjusted into different colors to specifically distinguish muscle parts, and the displayed effect is vivid. The organ model of human internal organs can also achieve the best simulation effect through the clever design of the mold and the later coloring of the silica gel surface.

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