"Male robot" is very popular in the United States, silicone skin simulation, full-featured

2020/6/18 17:43:20

As we all know, the development of technology has made people’s lives more abundant. Nowadays, many home appliances have been equipped with intelligent systems, and intelligent robots that could only be seen in science fiction movies have gradually entered people’s lives. In life, the most common ones are sweeping robots and consulting robots. However, compared with these intelligent robots, more technology enthusiasts are still concerned with "simulated robots" that have the same appearance as humans!

Among them, in terms of "simulation robots", Japanese technology is advanced. For example, the female robots of the "Miss Kido" series and the "wife" series have always been favored by many male users. Of course, since there are female robots, there must be male robots, such as the American "Henry" series. These simulated robots not only lose the appearance of real people, but also have full functionality, especially the three "features" of male robots. Girl sex users are satisfied!

First, can do housework and have a long battery life! Simulated robots are not only externally simulated, but also internally modeled on human bones, so they can do some simple housework, and this is undoubtedly a problem for women, and most people do not like to do housework . In addition, the wireless charging configuration adopted by the male simulation robot can have an extra battery life. It does not need to rest at all. It only needs to set the program to complete the task.

Second, chat and be proficient in multiple languages. This simulation robot is equipped with an AI smart chip, so it can be analyzed and learned by connecting to a cloud database, and in order to let users chat with users in different countries, a voice system is built in at the beginning of the design, so users in various countries can use their own Needs to adjust the language mode.

hird, customization. Whether it is facial features, body, or personality, you can customize it, because each user wants their "robot" to be unique, so the Robot Institute has also launched a customization service! Of course, if you need to customize, then the price is definitely quite high, and for such a fully functional simulation robot, it has also been satisfied by many female users! In this regard, how do you think "simulated robots" come into people's lives? Can you accept it?

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