Can organic silicone be applied manually? Does temperature have a great effect on curing?

2020/6/22 14:38:00

Organic silicone is a one-component adhesive. This adhesive has the function of bonding and fixing after curing. It is often used in the bonding of electronic components and the shell of electrical instruments. Because of its safe performance after curing, it can also be used in toys without affecting human health.

1. To understand this problem, you first need to understand the packaging of organic silicone. Because organic silicone is a one-component glue, it needs to be packed in a sealed tube. The organic silica gel installed in the tube is more convenient and convenient to apply during construction.

2. Secondly, the main role of organic silicone is to fix and fix electronic components and shells. Therefore, the amount of glue used is not too much, and there are strict requirements on the location of the glue, so manual sizing is better grasped, especially when used in the bonding of precision and small electronic components. accurate. Although organic silicone relies on wet air vulcanized sealant, this sealant has certain temperature requirements, so in extreme low temperature or high temperature, it needs to be tested. If it affects curing, it cannot be used. However, buying good quality silicone can avoid this situation, because good quality silicone is resistant to high and low temperature changes, and users can use it with confidence.

At present, the packaging measurement specifications of organic silicone on the market are relatively complete. If the amount of use is small, it is recommended to buy small ones, which can be wasted. Because the organic silicone will solidify once it is exposed to moisture in the air, users need to purchase according to their construction speed and construction amount when purchasing.

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