Liquid silicone? Liquid silicone operation method

2020/6/22 14:42:18

Liquid silicone is divided into addition molding and condensation type, no matter what kind of operation method is the same, the difference is that the mixing ratio of silicone and curing agent is different, the ratio here refers to the weight ratio is not the volume ratio, everyone should pay attention to this point. The ratio of addition molding silicone and curing agent is 1:1; the ratio of condensation silicone and curing agent is 100:2-2.5. Let's take a look at how liquid silicone is used.

The left side is condensed silica gel, and the right side is silica gel operation process can be divided into three types: perfusion mold, brush mold and split mold. Here is a condensed silica gel for everyone to explain the use of silica gel: mix the silica gel with the curing agent at a ratio of 100:2, and pay attention to that it must be stirred evenly to prevent the silica gel from uncuring;
100:2 Proportioning 2. Put the stirred silica gel into the vacuum machine to evacuate the air bubble. The purpose of this is to completely eliminate the air bubbles and make the resulting product smoother without bubbles. If there is no vacuum pump, the curing time of silica gel can be extended, and bubbles can also be discharged, but the effect is not very satisfactory.

Vacuuming machine 3. Apply the mold release agent to the pre-made mold type and mold frame, and fix the mold type in the middle position of the mold frame, leaving a certain distance around. Slowly and steadily pour the silicone that has been removed from the bubble into the mold frame until the silicone can completely cover the mold, and then wait for it to cure. (If it is a molded silicone, it can also be placed in an oven to heat and cure, and it will be completely cured in about 10 minutes)

Silicone can be toned! 4. After the silicone is completely cured, the mold is demolded. After the silicone mold is taken out, the edge burr is processed, and then a silicone mold is completed. In order to achieve the best use of the mold, it is recommended that you put the silicone mold in use after 24 hours!

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