Can silicone be used as tableware?

2020/6/22 14:44:28

In this era of "face value is justice", people not only have requirements for their appearance, but also have face value requirements for all the things used in life, such as pastries to eat, tableware used, and stickers on the room. Wallpapers and so on.
    I have a friend who is particularly interested in tableware. Every time I go to the supermarket and see beautiful bowls, I can’t help but watch for a long time, and then buy the favorite. She said that with a nice bowl, even the meal was more fragrant. Speaking of which, everyone will surely wonder, how are these beautiful patterns printed? Today, the editor will reveal the secret for everyone. This is actually printed with a pad printing head, just like we usually stamp a document. The pad printing head is dipped in ink with a pattern and printed on the required items. After drying it, you can get a beautiful bowl. In addition to being printed on tableware, we usually see cups, toys, erasers, and even eat fruit.
    In fact, silicone has a wide range of uses, such as molds, masks, film and television special effects, medical practice, etc.

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