The robot girl is powerful and has

2020/6/24 11:10:41

Nowadays, the development of science and technology is progressing rapidly with each passing day. It is almost a day, and many of the things we see in science fiction movies are gradually realized in reality. For example, robots, many people may still understand the robots and still do housework. In fact, Japan has already developed a beauty robot some time ago, it is named "wife"

Japan has always been a country that vigorously develops and produces artificial robots. The machine simulation robots released some time ago. If you are not very close, it looks like a real person from a distance, but the expression is dull, and the appearance of the simulated robot A lot of work has also been done. The facial features are all built according to the standards of beautiful women. The face value is very high, and in order to be more realistic, the skin is also simulated skin, which makes her extremely similar to real people.

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