China Rubber Association strengthens group standards to lead industry technological progress

2020/6/28 8:59:30

Since the implementation of the "China Rubber Industry Association Standard Management Measures (Trial)" in 2016, the China Rubber Association has actively promoted the construction of group standards, and strives to set standards in line with international standards, leading the industry's technological progress with advanced standards. In 2018, the China Rubber Association formulated 10 group standards in the fields of conveyor belts, tire molds, rubber products, tires, and recycled rubber, namely: "heat-resistant steel wire flame retardant conveyor belt" "wear-resistant fabric core resistance Burning Conveyor Belt" "Lightweight Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for Tunnel" "Aramid Fabric Core Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt for Coal Mine" "Polyaramid Filament and Cord for Conveyor Belt" "Giant Engineering Machinery Tire Mould" "Tire Vulcanization Capsule "Mould" "Cone-cone rubber fender" "E-series recycled rubber" "Technical specifications for green design product evaluation car tires". Among them, "Technical Specifications for Green Design Product Evaluation Automobile Tires" has completed the establishment of industry standards and is in the process of formulating industry standards. In addition, the “Restricted Substance Requirements for Green Footwear Materials” formulated in 2017 was included in the 2018 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2018 Group Standard Application Demonstration Project List, and was awarded the 2018 Group Standard Application Demonstration Project Excellent Project.

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