What are the characteristics of organic silicone when curing? do we need to care something?

2020/7/3 9:26:36

Organic silicone is a one-component glue. This kind of glue can be used in many applications because it not only has the role of bonding and fixing. After curing, it also has good tensile resistance, so that it can ensure the elasticity of the organic silicone after curing and expand the application field.

What are the characteristics of organic silicone when curing?
1. The organic silicone is cured from outside to inside during curing. It takes about 24 hours to complete the entire curing, but only after 7 days of curing, the bonding performance and tensile performance can reach the strongest stage.

2. Especially within 24 hours of construction, the electronic components cannot be moved, and the next construction can not be carried out blindly, otherwise the bonding is not strong, and the waterproof performance after curing will also be affected.

3. In addition, the organic silicone rubber has good insulation properties after curing, so as to ensure the safety of use in electronics or electrical appliances. Good quality does not have any toxicity after curing, and can also be used in the bonding of medical devices. However, the quality must be guaranteed. At this time, you can cooperate with brand companies, such as Cosmoore, to focus on the research of organic silica gel and provide customized organic silica gel application solutions. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in new energy, military, medical , Aviation, shipping, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.
What should I pay attention to in the curing stage of silicone?
1. The construction surface needs to be clean. Organic silicone must ensure that the construction surface is clean and tidy during construction, without any impurities, otherwise the bonding performance will be affected and the bonding is not strong.

2. The excess glue before curing can be wiped clean with a dust-free cloth. If you get the edge of the silicone during construction, you can wipe it with a dust-free cloth before curing. It can't be wiped again after curing, and it is easy to damage the electronic components when it is removed.

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