What is the development prospect of the silicone industry

2020/7/4 11:21:29

my country's silicone rubber industry has achieved remarkable results in recent years. With the rapid growth of consumption, the silicone rubber industry has begun to transform from high-performance specialty rubbers to bulk synthetic rubbers, becoming one of the most widely used rubber varieties.

According to the "Analysis Report on Market Demand and Investment Planning of China's Silicone Industry", if the proportion of silicone rubber in China's rubber consumption is increased from 6.5% to 33% by 2020, then the overall domestic self-sufficiency rate of China's rubber can be estimated from the current 50% increased to more than 80%, thereby greatly alleviating the tight supply of rubber and reducing the production cost of the rubber processing industry.
It can be seen that the development of the silicone rubber industry is not only a single development of a single industry, but also involves the joint development of multiple industries, which has far-reaching significance for enhancing the profitability of the rubber processing industry and improving the quality level of rubber products.

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