Does silicone smell? Is the smell harmful?

2020/7/6 8:46:45

Many people care whether the silicone has an odor, or whether it is a harmful gas. Today, Top Dog talks about whether silicone has an odor? Is it harmful?

irst of all, silica gel must have an odor, not to mention that the silicone products are odorless. It is post-processed. The main source of the odor of the silicone products is the catalyst used in production, but the odor of the silica gel will be long.

Generally, the silicone products have a relatively large taste when they are first produced. Even if they use unscented catalysts, they still have some taste, so the factory will use an oven to bake at high temperature, the taste will be much less, and the taste will disappear after a long time.

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