Rookie of Simulated Silicone Products - Top Dog

2020/7/7 8:29:11

A new brand has emerged: Top Dog, which has aroused the attention of many people in the industry. This brand has not been established for a long time, but its silicone simulation degree can be said to be quite powerful, and it can really achieve more than 95% similarity. , The company has more than 10 years of designers and production team of silicone simulation products.

The simulation mask made by Top Dog is basically 3-4 cm thick and weighs about 1000 grams. Some people say that it is a work of art, and some people use it as a live prop. The performance prop has even become a transgender tool.

Top Dog not only makes high-simulation silicone masks, but also has such extensive works in simulation silicone products ( for example: silicone simulation human skin, silicone dolls, silicone transsexuals , High-end customized silicone products.

We believe that in the near future, Top Dog will stand out among the simulated silicone products and become the industry benchmark.

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