Why does liquid silicone occupy more and more market share?

2020/7/7 9:22:09

Why will liquid silicone occupy more and more market share? Why do many companies prefer liquid silicone? Liquid silicone products are more often seen in front of people? Why are these? What are its unique advantages? do you know?

The reason why liquid silicone can be accepted by the market, and the reason for such achievements, is mainly due to the following three reasons:

The first point: liquid silicone is divided into single component and two components. Take the two-component liquid silicone as an example to illustrate its advantages, so that consumers or customers can not refuse.
First of all: liquid silicone itself has the advantage that other materials can not be replaced; liquid two-component silicone is a food-grade environmentally friendly product, does not emit any odor, does not cause any harm to the human body, is not corrosive, and does not cause harm to other materials (industrial performance Silica gel is lower than food-grade silica gel and basically has no environmental protection. For industrial surface applications, it is affordable to use industrial-grade silica gel, and some properties may be better.

The second point: the curing conditions of liquid silicone are less restricted, such as product thickness, product manufacturing process, accuracy, etc., will not affect the use of liquid silicone. According to the product data, select the appropriate liquid silicone and operation method, which can well replicate the products, molds, silicone products. Two-component liquid silicone rubber does not need to contact and solidify with water in the air. It is catalyzed by platinum and is easy to cure.

The third point: liquid two-component silicone does not release low molecular weight, and the product shrinkage rate is particularly low. Liquid two-component silicone can do one thousandth of what it can do. It can be used in many precision products such as tire molds, blade molds, liquid two-component silicone rubber has good flow properties, and deep-layer molds have unparalleled advantages. The cured silicone mold is very good in tear resistance and elongation.

Of course, the advantages of liquid silicone are not only in these three aspects, but on the basis of these three aspects, it is enough to show that its advantages are unmatched by other materials; it is a product of the times, and society needs such high-quality liquid silicone, Will you refuse?

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