What are the advantages of the silicone bowl, can it be used in the oven?

2020/7/15 10:01:50

We all know that silicone kitchen utensils are popular tableware abroad, so many domestic customers are gradually beginning to use silicone tableware and daily necessities. Many consumers in China cannot determine whether silicone kitchen utensils are safe and environmentally friendly. There are still some shortcomings, such as whether the product can be used in the same way as ceramic and stainless steel materials, whether it can be used in the oven, and whether high temperature will produce toxic substances? There are doubts about the safety of materials, etc.

So many consumers have doubts about silicone bowls with these doubts, and whether these problems exist is a negative impact. Today, silicone tableware manufacturers will explain the relevant parameters and knowledge about silicone bowls for you!

First, the popularization of silicone tableware in China is relatively slow. The main reason why many families use it less is that they are accustomed to Chinese cooking methods. High-temperature cooking and traditional tableware cannot be replaced. Western countries use low-temperature electric heating stoves. Few people The use of natural gas and gas stoves has led to the fact that high-temperature colloidal materials are rarely used in China, and silicone bowls have also gradually spread with foreign countries.

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