How are silicone products priced and which factors are affected by it?

2020/7/29 14:54:54

When you need to find a manufacturer of silicone rubber products to make a batch of goods, you will definitely "shop around" and decide which silicone rubber processing factory to choose through comparison. But in the process of comparison, I discovered why the quotations they gave were so different. If the price is high, it will definitely increase your cost; if the price is low, you doubt their production capacity and technology.

Then Top Dog explained why the quotations given by different manufacturers are so different for the same piece of silicone rubber product. As silicone rubber products are widely used in our lives, products are becoming more and more diversified. In our lives, we see that the same silicone rubber products will have price differences. Why is this? One of the reasons It is because the materials and processes used in the manufacturing process of the product are different, and the price of the mold is also a consideration when the product is opened. The quotation of silicone rubber products must first open the mold, calculate the mold price and the number of mold holes (because the product price is closely related to the number of mold holes), then calculate the weight of the product and the raw materials, and finally calculate the labor cost. First provide customers with 2D, 3D drawings or physical samples, because only by using these detailed size drawings or samples to analyze the detailed structure and processing technology of the product, can we measure the customer's requirements for mold size. What is the difficulty of product production? What problems should be paid attention to when producing and opening the mold, and the weight is only a reference for how much material is used. When quoting, it is necessary to comprehensively measure the product size, processing procedure, time, material, and weight. Yes, only such a quotation is an accurate quotation and is responsible for both parties. 

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