How does silica gel provide customers with high-quality supply services

2020/7/30 15:58:37

As silicone products are gradually recognized by consumers, silicone rubber product manufacturers have gradually shifted their markets from Europe and the United States to China. In order to maintain consumers’ trust in silicone product retailers and retailers (customers) to manufacturers, all processing plants are operating as B Provide high-quality and professional supply services when providing customer service.
The first is technical support. Among many customers, many customers do not understand the process and technical content of silicone products. At this time, the silicone product factory can take the initiative to propose that the silicone factory has corresponding technical support, so that customers have a better understanding of the factory. The professional influence is not as amateurish. We can't wait for the customer to ask anything before answering, we need to take the initiative to propose technical points. We have a special engineering department to solve this type of service problem. Then it analyzes the structure. Among many silicone product manufacturers, many factories have not done this well. It is very bad to push one by one just like playing a ball. When the boss or salesman receives the customer, they hand it over to the production department or the order staff, and there is no dedicated staff to follow up with the customer. But we will not have this kind of problem, because we are a special person to follow the orders, and whoever is the customer will be received until the batch of goods leaves the factory, without the problems mentioned above.

Secondly, reasonable suggestions. For many silicone accessories, many customers do not know the characteristics of these silicone accessories. It is definitely not possible to blindly produce according to the drawings. At this time, we need some suggestions, generally based on the experience of silicone products. For example, when a silicone protective sleeve needs to protect something, it cannot be done according to the drawings. At this time, it is necessary to observe the properties of the thing to be protected and the properties of the silicone sleeve to actively propose some suggestions to the guests! A lot of experience in silicone products is also required. The boss of the company has 18 years of experience in silicone products, and the technicians have 10-12 years of work experience. The last is the initiative of the manufacturers. Now the social rhythm is very fast, everyone is very busy, and as a customer of many silicone products, it may be a business trip here today, and tomorrow will be on a business trip to another place, because if there is often a telephone communication problem. , People will think you are annoying, or think that your technique is not good. Therefore, at this time we can take the initiative to propose a one-stop service. I will prepare all the accessories for the customer and submit the finished product directly. This greatly saves everyone's time. Such a one-stop service manufacturer is also a very good choice. !

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