How to deal with waste silicone rubber materials?

2020/8/13 16:12:21

After years of development in China’s silicone solid silicone rubber molding technology, the use area is widely used in many industries. It can be used in construction, machinery, electronics, medical and other fields, and silicone rubber products can account for 60% , Due to its wide range of applications and many scopes, many suppliers around the world are still in short supply. At the same time, there is also a market dedicated to recycling waste materials. Silicone rubber waste materials have the value of recycling here. Silicone raw materials are different from rubber and plastic materials. The recycling price is more than ten times that of them. The price of waste raw materials is also very expensive. Since the raw materials have been rising since last year, the silicone waste has also been affected. The maximum price reached 11,000. This year, the average price in some areas is around 6000-8000, but it is also very high. Naturally, it is expensive and has its recycling value.
Silicone waste is mainly derived from the burrs and waste products after hydraulic molding during the molding and vulcanization process of the rubber compound. The burrs of the silicone products during the molding process are also indispensable. There will be tens of millions of tons of silica gel waste in China every year. Because of the addition of different auxiliary agents to the waste rubber, it has outstanding performance in all aspects, good performance such as aging resistance, weather resistance, etc., it will not naturally decompose for decades. At first, when the correct treatment method is not found , How to deal with tens of thousands of tons of silica gel waste has been plagued by the development of silicone products manufacturers. With the current technological water, after the silica gel waste is recycled, it will be smelted and reacted to produce a siloxane ring (DMC), and there are also many mixed substances. Technically speaking, siloxane is mixed with sulfonic acid for cracking reaction , The generation DMC colleague contains a small amount of pigments and impurities, which can be quickly filtered to extract colorless organic silicon and inorganic silicon, so there is no problem with the raw materials used for desiccant, silicone oil, and low-end silica gel products! The processing method after the recycling of silica gel is basically the same. So the desiccant and discoloration silica gel you currently see may be waste materials to be processed!

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