How to get the stains on the silica gel

2020/8/15 10:44:39

Nowadays, most of the household items used in households are plastic products. Whether it is stools or tables, or some other tableware or washing utensils, they are all made of plastic. Many people are also used to plastic products. When choosing household items Plastic products are always considered first. With the continuous increase of plastic products, many people have also discovered the problem, that is, the problem of plastic stain removal is difficult to solve, so what is the small coup for plastic stain removal?

To remove stains on the plastic, you can choose to use disinfectant water. After preparing the disinfectant water, you must first mix the detergent and mix the disinfectant and clean tap water in a certain proportion. It does not need to be too precise. According to the capacity of a basin of water Just think about it. After preparing the disinfectant detergent, put the plastic to be scrubbed into the water and soak the stains on the plastic utensils automatically after 30 minutes. If the dirt is hidden deep, it must be cleaned up by hand after soaking. The cleaning tool can be something like a small toothbrush. After cleaning, you can wash it with clean water, and then boil it in hot water. The small coup for plastic stain removal is to use disinfectant water to prepare detergent, and wash it together with hot water, so that the cleaning effect will be very good. The disinfectant water will not only play a role in disinfection, but also play a cleaning role.

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