What should I do if there are flow marks and burrs on silicone products?

2020/8/17 11:34:21

I believe that many have encountered in the production of products, silicone products have flow marks and burrs; when such problems occur, the quality of silicone products is definitely not enough.

So how to solve the problem of flow marks and burrs? To solve the problem, you must first know the cause of it.

The cause of flow marks and burrs in silicone products, determine the raw materials and related additives, such as: is the silica gel ordinary silica gel or platinum vulcanized silica gel? Is the colorant or pre-dispersion used for the masterbatch? Because the flow marks are mixed with the silica gel It does matter, lowering the mold temperature and mixing sufficiently can reduce or eliminate flow marks.

The reasons for the burr problem: 1. The material weight is too large; 2. The exhaust is too many times, and the mold temperature is high. Solution: The mold joint line needs to be polished with oilstone; add frozen trimming, etc.

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