How long is the service life of common silicone products?

2020/8/20 17:05:20

How long is the service life of common silicone products? There are generally two types of silica gel we usually use: food grade silica gel and medical silica gel! For friends who buy silicone products, the service life and aging rate of silicone materials have not been accurately verified, and they will doubt the safety of such silicone products. In fact, our common silicone products usually have no problems in the frequent use of three to five years, but different use methods will make their service life different. The following editor Qiyu introduces the service life and duration of some commonly used silicone products.
First of all, the products produced by silicone manufacturers can be divided into different use environments. For example, daily silicone products belong to one type, electronic accessories belong to one type, and mechanical accessories belong to one type. In general, the products used in the product Raw materials will be different in service life and storage life.

1. For example: the quality of food-grade silica gel and medical silica gel raw materials can guarantee the service life of more than ten years under normal conditions, and the storage time is unlimited.

2. For example: silicone rubber belts, silicone daily necessities, silicone accessories, etc. Long-term exposure to irregular water, light, heat, humidity, oil, etc. will reduce the performance of silicone products, but under normal use, they will not something wrong!

3. As for the service life of mechanical accessories and electronic accessories, it is not designed with daily necessities. It belongs to a conventional storage year. If it is not affected by waves, light, oxygen, heat, humidity, fluid and force, the basic physical It will not be affected, and the medium-term and long-term storage performance cannot be changed for more than 30 years.

In short, if the use environment of silicone rubber products can be accurately maintained and maintained, the use environment of silicone rubber products will not affect the service life and storage life of the product.

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