How to solve the natural oil pollution on the surface of silica gel products!

2020/8/28 9:47:13

Many netizens said worry about silicone products appear at oil phenomenon, especially to buy silica gel protective sleeve, silicone mobile phone sets, and so on all have such phenomenon, the surface looks feel have a seaside layer of oil, have sticky phenomenon, the problem is often plagued by consumers lose interest in silicone products, so what is the main reason caused this phenomenon?

Silicone material protective sleeve is more extensive, as electronic products such as mobile phone silica gel set, tablet cases, remote control silica gel sets, audio protective sleeve, etc., and silica gel surface hard softness bureau of oil pollution is mainly limited to products, from the aspects of material, silicone material hard softness if soft of additives and silicone oil content exceeded more than 10% of white carbon black, leading to low hardness material silicon molecules are destroyed, in the high temperature, liquid, and a variety of air will have penetration on the surface of the phenomenon.

Its main disease ribs is silicone oil white mineral oil, add the materials dosage beyond range or material with the phenomenon of instability, conflict is likely to appear at the oil to the surface, and the solution is a silicone case manufacturer looking for problem of source material, usually a silica gel products hard softness this phenomenon could occur under less than 30 degrees, but hardness basic will not appear on more than 40 degrees take oil phenomenon, the surface hardness at the end of the silica gel protective sleeve is more prone to take oil.

Of silicone products, if not add silicone oil, so the product of raw and various aspects performance can reach the effect, so add is a must, just to be clear whether the material of additives will conflict, compound is stable, usually silica gel inside material itself contains certain silicone oil as a dilution effect, appear so it shows that the oil can show the material lead to conflict in additive, silicone oil and other additives are incompatible, silicon molecules and silicone oil from the cause.

This phenomenon is rarely seen, but the main reason can be basically solved in the raw materials, if not raw materials, then you need to find out whether the production process in the material to add other additives, such as inner mold, mold release water, vulcanizing agent and so on to find the reason.

Silica gel sets emit the most intuitive cause oil, materials, silica gel protective sleeve manufacturers seeking cheap material price, material supplier and made the silicone material, low raw material and formula a cast a final to the hands of consumers, so in choosing a custom silicone products manufacturer shall be elected at the same time understand the material and production process is guaranteed, there are well-known brands.

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