What are the characteristics and processes of silicone?

2020/8/31 11:27:11

In the process of industrial production, the demand for silicone is high. The adhesive has advantages that other products do not have. It can be used for sealing and protecting electronic modules, components and circuit boards. It is very durable. So, what are the characteristics of silicone? What techniques are used?

What are the characteristics of silicone?
1. Good adhesion. Bonding to electronic components, circuit boards, plastics and other materials is stronger than that of ordinary products.
2. Good liquidity. Permeate the small gap to complete the sealing.
3. Low shrinkage rate. During curing, there will be no significant shrinkage. Encounter hot and cold alternant, also won't heat bilges cold shrink. For example, Cosmore focuses on silicone research and provides customized silicone application solutions, which are widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industrial fields.
4. In the curing process, the small bubbles will be automatically removed, which will not affect the later use.
5. After successful curing, it can resist high and low temperature. Working normally in an environment of 60 to 200 degrees below zero is hardly a problem.

What is the process of using silicone?
1. Before mixing, put AB separately in a clean container and stir thoroughly.
2. When mixing, weigh according to the weight ratio to minimize errors.
3, casting, can be manual operation can also use the machine. If the pouring amount is large, the machine can be used to improve the work efficiency.
4. When curing, if the temperature is too low, raise the temperature appropriately to finish curing quickly.
Is the use value of silicone great?
Currently, silicone can protect sophisticated electronic components and sensitive circuits from the effects of the natural environment. If the first casting does not achieve the desired effect, a second casting can be performed. After forming a film, play a lot of properties.
Compared with other adhesives, silicone is more elastic. It can effectively alleviate the impact and block the external pressure. Under its protection, components can last longer.

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