Often use silica gel beauty to make up things, can pore become big?

2020/9/1 11:31:14

Silica gel facial cleanser is a small tool we use when we wash our face. It is simple and convenient to use and can help us clear our skin at a deeper level. However, some people worry that using silica gel facial cleanser will make pores bigger?

1. A cleansing brush won't shrink pores
A silicone cleanser is a great cleanser and while it won't make pores bigger, it won't help shrink them. Silicone cleanser can only mechanically help clean dirt in pores. It is soft, safe, non-toxic, and does no harm to the skin.

2, brush with clean face why to have the feeling with pore decrescent
Some people feel that the skin becomes delicate and smooth after using silica gel cleanser, and the pores become smaller. This is because the use of silica gel cleansing brush to remove the original pores of oil and dirt, and the accumulation of waste cuticles on the face will also be removed, the skin becomes more smooth, it looks like the pores are smaller.

3. Will facial cleanser enlarge pores
Silica gel cleanser itself does not enlarge pores. Silica gel cleanser can only help to remove dirt from the deep layer and keep pores unblocked. To a certain extent, it can also help to prevent the occurrence of too much dirt in pores and make pores bigger.

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