Why can silicone products be used in a large number of daily necessities?

2020/9/3 9:32:49

In daily life, there are many silica gel products, but they are basically applied in combination with other parts. For example, there are several common silica gel products in daily life: silica gel cup, silica gel bowl, silica gel coaster, silica gel spoon, silica gel brush, silica gel cake mold, silica gel ice grid, silica gel cover, silica gel shovel and other kitchen supplies. As well as silica gel washing brush, silica gel wallet, silica gel tablecloth, silicone protective cover, silicone rubber band, silica gel bracelet, etc., common silica gel articles of daily use. Because of environmental protection, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, color diversity and other advantages, so popular. So why can silica gel products be used in a large number of daily necessities?

First of all, the chemical composition and physical structure of "silica gel" are very consistent with the materials used in the research and development of some household products. Because of this, it also determines the difference between the materials. Silica gel products with high adsorbability, good thermal stability, chemical stability and other performance characteristics; Finally, as one of the most popular products in modern industrial society, silicone products are often widely used in industries such as precision instruments, leather, clothing, food and electrical appliances. This is why silica gel products can become the purpose of daily necessities!

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