Precautions for silicone product oil injection process

2020/9/8 9:36:05

The reason why silicone products are beautiful is because they can be sprayed with a variety of patterns on the surface, but many manufacturers in the spraying, pattern ink is very easy to drop, what is the reason? In this paper, the silicone to explain a few points in the spray need to pay attention to the place.

One, the use of special silicone spraying ink
This is important because if you take plastic spray ink and spray it, it will fall down because different materials have different inks. Many customers encounter this problem, they can not find a professional manufacturer of silica gel products, may be the plastic factory packaging silica gel products, plastic factory directly spray ink spray on the silicone products, spray is the same way, but because of different materials, the effect is completely different.

The surface of the product must be cleaned before spraying
Dust and impurities on the surface should be disposed. If PU is sprayed, the surface should be treated with flame or discharge to ensure ink fastness. If not cleaned, the effect of spraying on the surface will be very poor.

Third, the product surface directly spray dyeing ink
Want to make spray pattern more firm, will spray transparent color photosensitive oil, light oil, PU oil on the surface again, so that color will not fade easily, also won't appear color oil.
The silicone product oil injection process seems simple, but the above points deserve special attention.

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