What is the reason that causes silicone products to become "brittle"?

2020/9/10 9:13:49

With the widespread use of silica gel products, in every corner of life, it is possible to use a variety of silica gel products. Although these silica gel products look unremarkable, they can also play a very important role. However, some silica gel products are easy to become brittle in the process of use, and after they become brittle, the silica gel products can no longer be used, so many people feel very headache.

In fact, the fundamental reason for the brittle silica gel products is: the essential reason of silica gel materials. When the hardness of silica gel products reaches above 60 degrees, its tear resistance and elasticity will plumb down, leading to the brittle silica gel products. So if you want silicone products to become less brittle, you have to find a way to do less than 60 degrees of hardness.

In addition, there is a production problem. During the production and processing of silicone products, it will be heated to a certain temperature. However, if the temperature is not controlled high or the heating time is too long, it will lead to the problem

Silica gel products
Become fragile. In addition, in the process of use and storage, the failure to maintain good ventilation, or secondary vulcanization for a long time will also lead to this phenomenon, and the most important is the material of the silica gel products themselves, if the material is not good, it cannot reach the tear strength, so the silica gel products will become very fragile.
In addition to these, silica gel products brittle and its mould design also has a relationship, if the mould design is not reasonable or unreasonable production structure, so it is likely to lead to the silicone products, in the process of fracturing production mold, if appear this kind of phenomenon, produced by the silica gel products will naturally become fragile, so before the production and processing, must try to improve machining and die structure.
The above is one of the main reasons that make silicone products become brittle. In addition, in the process of use, if the ambient temperature is too low or the use time is too long, aging phenomenon has occurred, which will also lead to silica gel products

Become brittle, so for silica gel products, after a period of time to see the aging of the product should be replaced in a timely manner.

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