What are the reasons for the explosion of silica gel products?

2020/9/11 9:30:22

People in the industry all know that silicone products often encounter various problems in the production process. For some soft products made of low hardness, they are prone to tear phenomenon, which is called edge bursting phenomenon in the industry. This phenomenon is a difficult problem for many silicone products manufacturers to master. Some manufacturers for the production of products in time, temperature, pressure and other aspects have been adjusted, but the same phenomenon will occur, what is the reason?

Generally, the hardness of the product material is around 30~40 degrees, which is easy to occur. However, the hardness of the material with high hardness has no such phenomenon. The reasons for the phenomenon include: 1. 2. The silicone oil in the raw material is placed for too long after the completion of the mixing rubber, leading to the gradual failure of the vulcanizing agent; 3. Excessive dosage of vulcanizing agent in mixing and too high curing temperature; 4. Excessive raw materials lead to excessively large rough edges, soft materials, self-cutting edge and other reasons.

However, there are corresponding solutions to the problem, the general number of multi-mold holes produced by the product has one or two burst phenomenon, you can appropriately reduce the corresponding temperature, the lower mold temperature drop more, the upper mold temperature drop less; 2. It is suggested to blast the mold with sand if more edge bursting occurs in a mold, and then try again; 3, die time as short as possible in order to prevent the core temperature drops, in the number of exhaust above to keep at one; 4, if the curing time is relatively long products can be properly added to twice.

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