What edge removal techniques do silicone products have?

2020/9/12 9:34:36

The edging process is an essential process after the silicone forming. If the edging is careless, then the residual edge on the silicone products will greatly affect the appearance of the silicone products. Do you know how many ways to remove the silicone products?

The manual since the split, : this is the most commonly used method of a kind of advantage is low cost, the operator as long as wielding knives, along the outside part of the silica gel products, will overflow edge off gradually, but the downside is low efficiency, difficult to guarantee the quality, especially for complex configuration, high precision products hard thoroughly, in the net, and it's easy to damage of silicone products and silicone system product ontology connects to the edge of the overflow, often leaving the tooth, gap, leaving the spill, leak after of affect the sealing problems such as, in addition, the manual trimming dependence on operating proficiency is also very prominent.

Second, machine edge removal: the advantage is to improve efficiency and quality, the machine is commonly used with rotary blade special electric edge trimmer, the blade needs to match the height of the product size, if the product has overflow inside and outside edge, can be designed as a double edge, multi-edge.

Three: cold building demolition side: work efficiency and processing quality and trimming machines have their own advantages, the sulfide finished with silica gel products factory waste removal, under freezing conditions in addition to the edge, the process is to make the sulfide product under the condition of frozen and dynamic cooling, embrittlement waste edge into the state, and then through the friction between their own, or in the rotation, vibration, under dynamic conditions, such as swinging, with the aid of friction and remove waste removal, or, make rigid pill form of media.

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